Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner for Dry, Damaged Hair

As most of you know my most recent "funky" hair color was red/magenta, which I alsojust recently dyed back to a dark shade. I'm constantly experimenting with my hair and dying/bleaching/cutting/thinning it; so it's no secret that it's always very dry and damaged! Luckily I have an arsenal of products that let me "fake" the look of healthy hair!

I recently got a chance from BzzAgent to try out this new shampoo & conditioner duo by Garnier!
Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner

I received 2 full-size products:
Conditioner (left) and Shampoo (right)

$3.99 (13 oz) and $6.99 (24 oz)

What they say:
(click to enlarge)

"All-new, high-performing formulas and superior conditioner technology. These rich products are two years in the making, formulated to deeply condition hair and still rinse clean. Top that off with fresh, new fragrances, and you've got the means to nourish, strengthen and smooth even the most lackluster locks."
  • Works best on dry or damaged hair
  • Nourish hair to the core so it shines from within
  • Formulated with fortified fruit science - three weightless nutritive fruit oils (olive, avocado, and shea)
  • Packed with ultra-rich and nourishing conditioners that rinse clean
  • Part of a larger Triple Nutrition line that includes Nutrient Spray and 3 Minute Undo Dryness reversal treatment
  • Have a suggested retail price of $3.99 (13 oz) and $6.99 (25.4 oz)
  • Available at grocery stores, drug stores and mass retailers like Target and Walmart

What's in it:
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The good stuff:
  • 1 bottle will last a long time
  • Smells great! Fresh & fruity
  • Formula of the shampoo is lightweight and lathers easily
  • Conditioner is creamy but lightweight and smooths/detangles easily
  • Both rinse out cleanly
  • Makes hair feel instantly smoother and sleeker
  • Hair looks shinier and smooth after drying
  • Eco-friendly bottles made with PET and 30% recycled plastic, also 10% lighter, which saves over 125 tones of plastic annually
The low-down:
  • Obviously, since it's for DRY/damaged hair, it doesn't help at all with oiliness (will explain below)
  • Product line doesn't have anything for oily hair
My take: Overall I'm really impressed with this shampoo and conditioner! I've been using both for the past month and I really like how it's been helping to revive and repair my hair. If you like fruity scents, then this is for you! This shampoo and conditioner contains 3 weightless nutritive fruit oils (olive, avocado, & shea). I was a little wary of that because although my hair IS very dry and damaged, it has the tendency to oil up really quickly throughout the day. I was afraid that adding more oils to my hair would result in a greasy mess 0_0 However both the shampoo and conditioner rinse out cleanly and don't leave any product residue in my hair. My hair immediately feels smoother and untangled after using these products. After drying & flat-ironing, my hair also retains sleekness and shine.

The only downside for me is that it's meant SPECIFICALLY for DRY/damaged hair. Although it DID NOT make my hair super greasy or anything; it still added the moisturizing oils to my hair, so of course, it couldn't do anything to prevent my hair from becoming oily during the day. Thus I only used this shampoo and conditioner about 3x a week and would use a clarifying shampoo/no conditioner on the other days. So I would say that it would be great if Garnier would also come out with a clarifying product line for oily hair too!

Would I repurchase/recommend? I could see myself repurchasing these products but I won't have to for a really long time because the bottles have A LOT of product! I've been using it for a month and only used about 1/3 of the bottle of shampoo, even less of the conditioner. If you have dry and damaged hair, I would definitely recommend these products because they do deliver as promised.

The Rundown: 

Packaging: 5/5
Eco-friendly bottles made of recycle plastic,
flip-cap is easy to open.

Product: 4.5/5 
I love the way these products smell, and how they restore smoothness and shine to my damaged hair. I just think it would be great if they could expand their product line to incorporate more products for more different hair types.

Price: 5/5 
Completely wallet-friendly!




  1. You are washing your hair too many times during the week, therefor your scalp is hyper producing oil to compensate. Hair should not be washed more than twice a week, especially if its color treated. Try cutting down the washes. Get yourself a dryshampoo (Psssst brand it awesome) to use in between washings. Good luck. :)

  2. I use the same shampoo but my hair still look so dull anyway i love your hair very shiny and silky
    very nice blog im following you follow back please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  3. I'm glad for this review..I'd be willing to try this shampoo...my hair is so dry I can't just wash and let it air dry. It pouffs out like a parachute. :/

  4. I got a small sample a while ago, when I used it I was amazed! I haven't gotten around to picking up a large size yet though.

  5. They actually passed out samples of the shampoo and conditioner at my school and I absolutely LOOOOOOOVED them! lol I'm African American, so my scalp is naturally dry. This really helped me hydrate my hair and scalp. My hair was so shiny, smooth, healthy and so strong. I can't wait to purchase the bottles

  6. Ugh I would have totally tried this shampoo if it didn't contain SLS... :(

  7. This is a very detailed review that I've been searching for all this time. Thanks for sharing with us your review. I will wait for your another beauty product reviews. Best wishes!


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